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Colin McKinley

Based in Boulder, Colorado


Colin McKinley is a Colorado-based music producer and photographer.  Known for creating high-quality audio recordings as well as stunning photos and videos, his work is tailored to the personal needs of professional musicians.

Originally from Boston MA, Colin spent 6 years studying music production and photography in sunny Miami FL, earning a degree in "Media Writing + Production" from the University of Miami.  

After graduation Colin worked under the legendary Leica brand at Leica Store Miami, mastering the art of photography while hosting photographers from around the world for guest lectures and gallery openings.  In his free time, he documented the flourishing Miami music scene with his Leica camera.



October 2018 - Created original score for "Return to Nature: Yotei-Daiko" Short Film.  (Composer, Producer, Engineer)


June 2018 - Rachel Ohnsman "Lovers" Album Released (Producer, Recording Engineer)

April 2017 - Andrea Lopez "Echoes" EP Released

(Producer, Recording Engineer)

March 2017 - Mel Bryant "High Priestess" Album Released

(Producer, Engineer)

December 2016 - John Nichols "+ Friends" Album Released

(Producer, Engineer, Songwriter)

May 2016 - University of Miami, Bachelor of Music

(Major: Media Writing + Production)

April 2016 - Gabriel Berenbaum "Start Again" Album Released (Producer, Engineer)

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